Heart Catheterization

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SOFT INTRO (50-100 words): Heart catheterization is a way to gain information about your heart’s functioning and even treat certain conditions without using open-heart surgery. Board-certified cardiologist Payam R. Yashar, MD, uses heart catheterization to test your heart for abnormalities and treat conditions like arrhythmia at his office in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. To find out if you’re a candidate for heart catheterization for any reason, book a consultation by phone or online with Dr. Yashar today.

Heart Catheterization

What is heart catheterization?

Heart catheterization is a procedure that Dr. Yashar might use to evaluate how well your heart is working. He can perform a variety of tests during your heart catheterization and can even treat certain conditions using the strategy. 

During heart catheterization, Dr. Yashar inserts a catheter through a vein in your arm, groin area, or neck. He threads the catheter through your vessels until it reaches your heart using an X-ray or other imaging techniques for a view of the catheter. 

Before the procedure, Dr. Yashar gives you a sedative. You’re awake for the entire procedure, but the sedative helps you relax. He may perform certain heart catheterization procedures while you’re under general anesthesia, like cardiac ablation or valve replacement. 

When might I need heart catheterization?

Dr. Yashar may recommend heart catheterization for several reasons. He tells you exactly why heart catheterization is necessary, which procedure or procedures he’ll perform with heart catheterization, and how they will benefit your health. Dr. Yashar might use heart catheterization to:

  • Inject contrast dye and identify a blocked or narrow artery
  • Look for valve defects
  • Perform cardiac ablation to treat arrhythmia
  • Perform a coronary angioplasty to widen an artery
  • Evaluate the pumping abilities of your heart’s chambers
  • Identify various abnormalities in your heart

Dr. Yashar gives you the specific details regarding your heart catheterization procedure beforehand and tells you how it will aid in your diagnosis or treatment. The procedure is safe and low-risk.

How should I prepare for heart catheterization?

Before the date of your heart catheterization procedure, Dr. Yashar gives you instructions to prepare. Taking the right steps to prepare for heart catheterization greatly reduces your risk of complications from the procedure. Dr. Yashar may ask you to:

  • Avoid eating and drinking for six hours before the procedure
  • Stop taking certain blood-thinning medications
  • Bring your current medications with you to the appointment
  • Use the restroom right before the procedure
  • Remove dentures and jewelry
  • Arrange a ride to and from the office 

You should also tell Dr. Yashar if you’re pregnant at the time of your heart catheterization or if you plan to get pregnant soon. If you have any questions about the benefits, risks, or steps in the process, Dr. Yashar can answer them in detail before the date of your appointment. 

To find out more about heart catheterization and the procedures made possible with it, call Payam R. Yashar, MD, or book a consultation online today.